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The Swim IT, Open Water Swim (OWS) swim safety device, is available in the Premium model. The Swim IT is always race legal, regardless of water temperature and can be worn with or without a wetsuit. All Swim ITs are ReUsable, USA Triathlon Race Legal (including Ironman events) and include the same high quality, marine grade, yellow life jacket, and 3 integrated safety features preventing unintended deployments. The patented Premium Swim IT is built to withstand the frequent use of the Elite Age Grouper or Professional Open Water swimmer in all enviroments with adjustable "gripper" legstraps, side release buckles and an arming viewport. Because The Swim IT does not provide a competitive advantage or any detectable drag or discomfort, The Swim IT is Always Race Legal! The Premium Swim IT delivers race legal Peace of Mind and Safety You Control! 

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